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7-8th Grades

SRFACS Satellite Middle School on Slater Campus

A Continuum of French Immersion through 7th and 8th grades

Our Middle School Story

The History of the SRFACS 7th and 8th grades

The Santa Rosa French-American Charter School opened for the 2012-2013 school year serving
transitional kindergarten through eighth grade as granted in the original charter.  The grade
configuration of the charter was for a TK through eighth grade school through June
30, 2020.  At the time of renewal in 2020, the SRCS attorney advised that because the seventh
and eighth grades were not currently active, they had to be removed from the charter. 
By 2014-15, demand for enrollment in SRFACS was significant and the school’s leadership
decided to open a fourth kindergarten.  In order to make room for these students as they
advanced in grades, the difficult decision was made to remove the seventh and eighth grades to
make room for the students in earlier grades.  In the 2015-16 school year, enrollment was 495
with 119 kindergarten students and 94 first graders. It was clear there were not enough
classrooms at the 1350 Sonoma Avenue campus.  The school was advised that they could not
add classrooms because of the school’s location on an earthquake fault. The school leadership
hoped to move the seventh and eighth to another SRCS campus, but the district determined there
was no facility available at that time.

Ever since the seventh and eighth grades were removed from SRFACS, there has been interest
among families to resume the middle school grades as part of the accredited SRCS program, in
order to keep a continuum of student education and maintain the school community.  Since the
grades were removed from the charter, SRFACS families have increasingly requested a return to
the original charter model.  The lack of a French program that could meet SRFACS students’
needs presented an unmet need for SRCS.
In the spring of 2022 the SRCS approved re-establishment of the SRFACS middle school in a
satellite location on the Herbert Slater Middle School Campus beginning with 7th grade in August

The school community once again has the opportunity to choose to continue in the SRFACS
program with the long-standing, strong connection to the French National Education system and
the established SRFACS community.

How does it work?
Students are concurrently enrolled in SRFACS and Slater. Current SRFACS student
enrollment rolls over. Families currently enrolled in SRFACS do not need to do Open
Enrollment or go through the Lottery.

The SRFACS immersion experience continues for students in middle school with half their
classes taught in French. All classes are taught by a credentialed teacher. 
The French classes provide a harmonized curriculum, providing the best of both worlds.
Students have the possibility of taking zero period advanced English that allows them to take an
additional elective such as Spanish, Band, Leadership, or Culinary.

Sample Schedule

Period Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:15-9:05 Science in French Science in French Science in French Science in French Science in French
9:10-9:57 French Literature French Literature French Literature French Literature French Literature
9:57-10:12 Break Break Break Break Break
10:17-11:04 History & Geography in French History & Geography in French History & Geography in French History & Geography in French History & Geography in French
11:09-11:56 Math  Math  Math  Math  Math 
11:56-12:26 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
12:31-1:18 P.E. P.E. P.E. P.E. P.E.
1:23-2:10 English English English English English


Extracurricular Opportunities and Benefits
As a benefit of hosting the 7th and 8th grades on the Slater campus, students in the SRFACs
program may have the opportunity to join Slater sports and clubs programs.  
In addition, SRFACS middle school students have the opportunity of participating in many of the
Enrichment programs provided through PAF at the SRFACS main campus.
SRFACS students will sit for higher level DELF exams to further certify their increasing level of
French proficiency.
PAF continues to support the DELF expenses and other middle school program needs.

Pathway to high school program
The ultimate vision is to provide a continuum of French immersion education from transitional
kindergarten through 12th grade.  Many have expressed interest in an educational pathway that is
French immersion along with the International Baccalaureate program. With Slater as a feeder
school to Montgomery High School, a natural progression is presented with SRFACS students
attending the SRFACS Satellite at Slater and matriculating to the IB program at Montgomery if
they choose.  This pathway would be strengthened with higher level French classes at
Montgomery.  French high school programs prepare students for the French Baccalaureate exam.
The French BAC diploma enables students to pursue higher education in France, the United
States, in Canada, and in many other countries. A combination of French immersion and the
International Baccalaureate program would provide an international, rigorous education that is
highly attractive to families and would provide an exceptional preparation for students wishing
to pursue an international career.

Organizational Management of Satellite Program on Another Campus
SRFACs Administration serves as the administrator for the Satellite campus responsible for all
programming, curriculum, teacher credentialing, hiring, evaluating, parent communication,
parent committees/meetings, work with French Ministry of Education and functions.
Slater Administration provides on-site supervision and works collaboratively with SRFACS
Administration regarding scheduling of students into the non-French courses.
Slater services, such as counseling, health tech. restorative etc. are available to the SRFACs
SRFACs ESOM/Office Tech maintains student records including attendance as students are
enrolled in SRFACS despite physically attending on Slater campus.  
Mild/Moderate Special Education services are currently provided to the Charter based on an
allocation each year. Additional students at the 7th and 8th-grade level will fit in the current
allocation requiring the Educational Specialist to split both schools. Any students with greater
than Mild/Moderate needs in the 7th and 8th grade can be served at Slater Middle School.