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School Attendance

One of the goals of SRFACS is to help students have a successful educational experience.  In order to do this, regular daily attendance is necessary.  It has been shown that frequent absences affect children’s skill development and may lead to behavioral problems and poor grades.  Non-attendance in school can also become a habit that is increasingly difficult to change as the child grows older. This habit may contribute to dropping out of school and other problems which can impact the child’s future.

Absences must be verified as required by state law. Please send a note to the teacher or call the school office to give the reasons for your child's absence.  We can only excuse absences due to illness, doctor appointments or bereavement of an immediate family member.  Other absences are considered "unexcused."

Excessive absences:  Normally, absences of over 10% (about 18 school days) are considered excessive.  We understand that some students may have medical conditions that require time out of school. 

Truancy:  On the 3rd unexcused absence, the office will send a truancy letter.  Letters will continue to be sent home for continued unexcused absences and by the 6th unexcused absence, the student may be declared as “habitual truant.”   After the third truancy the family may be referred for site-based interventions and, subsequently, intervention by the district and possible legal action.

Excessive tardiness:  Students who are late disrupt the classroom and their own education.  Being tardy 10% or more of the time is considered unacceptable.  Teachers should work with parents to identify the problem and how the family will rectify the situation. In addition to teachers working with parents to correct this problem, the office staff will maintain a tardy log in order to better track students who are often late.